How Does Bulk SMS Work in Kenya?

Learn how bulk Bulk SMS Messaging Service Works in Kenya

Are you looking to learn how Bulk SMS works in Kenya?

You can stop searching, because as the leading bulk text marketing service provider in Kenya in Africa, CABulkSMS aims to make Bulk SMS easy for individuals and businesses to consume. Bulk SMS messaging is ideal for schools, churches, NGOs, SACCOs, SMEs, corporates and other organization whose nature of business demands the reach out to hundreds and thousands of existing or target customers. The technology that drives Bulk SMS gives it the ability the blasts a text message to tens of thousands recipient within a fraction of time.

What is the Key Advantage of Bulk SMS?

Significant advantage of bulk sms over other channels like emails is the high degree of readability or open rate which stands above 97%. When it comes to mobile text messaging there are no spam folders, therefore when you want to send important notifications, alerts, reminders, & marketing campaigns, you can rest assured that bulk sms service from CABulkSMS guarantees the highest reachability than any other communication channel.

Bulk SMS Service in Kenya

Do you need Bulk SMS services in Kenya to unlock cost effective & reliable communicate with you customers and you don’t how to get started? Sending bulk SMS in Kenya is easy & cheap with cost starting from Ksh 0.4 per text message. In addition, our SMS gateway messaging solution can be integrated with you existing business process as well as being customizable to meet you exact needs. With the high penetration of mobile devices in the country, it implies that Kenya’s are quite familiar with text messaging. As a matter of factor, text messaging is not rocket science. At CABulkSMS we have come up with an innovative no frills text messaging solution which we offer at the lowest cost per SMS.

How Bulk SMS Sending Service Works

  • Upload Contacts & Contact Info:

    Upload Contacts i.e. Phone Numbers and Contact Info e.g. Name, Account Number, etc via a Spreadsheet such as MS Excel. Uploaded Contact Info can be used to Send Personalized Messages to Contacts by using Variables in the text Message

  • Compose bulk SMS Message:-

    Write the Bulk SMS message that you would like to send out, there is an option of including variables in the SMS message body based on uploaded contact info e.g. Name or Account Numbers
    Then add the phone numbers of the recipients of your bulk SMS message.

  • Schedule the bulk SMS Send Time(s)

    Pick A Time and Date when you would like the bulk SMS to be sent. You also have the option of Repeating the bulk SMS sent at specified times and dates or repeating the bulk SMS on a regular interval e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

  • Preview, Confirm & Send bulk SMS:-

    Preview the bulk SMS Message, Correct any Identified Errors and confirm text Message for Sending. This allows you to catch any errors in your bulk message in advance.

  • View bulk SMS Outbox and Delivery Reports of Sent bulk SMS:-

    View your bulk SMS outbox to see a list of sent bulk SMS messages and their delivery reports. You also view and manage scheduled bulknSMS e.g. delete or edit.

Our FAQs section is replete with very insightful information which tackles the common questions on bulk SMS service we offer in Kenya.

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