Bulk SMS For Industries In Kenya

Bulk SMS For All Types Of Organizations

Bulk SMS Can Be Used In Various Settings To Achieve The Desired Results Of Reaching Clients.


Insurance Industry

Insurance industry being one of the oldest and well established in Kenya, needs to acquire a modern way of reaching out to their customers of whom they have interacted with over years and also the new ones. Bulk SMS services is not only for Insurance companies to communicate or update about insurance premium and other insurance policies and services but also any Insurance agent can afford this Bulk SMS services.


Tours & Travel Companies

Tours and travel companies in Kenya which deal with large groups of clients from hotels, airlines, dealers, tourists and other sectors, need bulk SMS services to inform their clients about different offers through bulk SMS marketing.Sending Promotional bulk SMS and discounts bulk SMS on the latest tours Send regular information through text messages on the best and hot tours.


Retail Industry In Kenya

Bulk SMS service offers you a gateway to achieving your business targets at a low cost. This service helps target new clientele, informing customers about your products and services and update upcoming discounts. You can send bulk SMS to customers with special offers, discounts and coupons. Bulk SMS marketing can be used to purchase and deliver notifications. E.g. you can send bulk text messages after someone has made a purchase on your website thanking them and giving them details of their purchase.


Media & Entertainment Industry

The media industry is a pioneer of mass communication and entertainment which is growing widely in Kenya. To update their customers about events, bulletin news, new movies releases, online movie ticket booking and missing episodes of daily soaps, they need Bulk SMS services which will make access to their customers easier and faster. SMS voting and SMS polls are used in campaigns not only to generate higher revenues for the Entertainment Industry but also help the viewers to interact with the industry.


Religious Organization

Over the years, we have acquired core strength in the Educational Sector. Our SMS has tailor-made options for schools and colleges like sending AGM reminders SMS to parents, absentees, sending Fee reminders, Dynamic SMS, sending exam results, sending SMS from Excel and many more. Churches benefit from the same when sending general notifications, announcements, fellowship dates and in case a member of the church passes on. Bulk SMS helps nurture your congregation on a daily basis. Send bible quote and nurturing messages.


Advertising & Marketing Agencies

A bulk SMS advertisement is an ad sent via bulk SMS messaging platform. There are millions of mobile phones users in Kenya and a bulk SMS advertisement can help you reach a wide spectrum of customers. Moreover, the advertisement is more likely to be read, as it is short and precise. Bulk SMS advertising allows you to get the most out of your mobile marketing budget. It is relatively cheaper than other mediums of communication like posters, radio or T.V which can exhaust your advertising budget. This is a great way of increasing sales in your business be it in real estate, publishing, manufacturing or any other kind of business.


Courier & Logistics Industry

Courier and logistics companies mostly deal with letter transfers, official or personal documents, gifts, and other kinds of cargos. Due to this, Bulk SMS service comes in handy at receiving and dispatching of cargo with minimal complaints from the sender. Bulk SMS services not only help in tracking the cargo but also maintain security and authentication from their unique sender ID. With SMS API gateway and mobile SMS alerts, courier and logistic companies can check the order status of products and customer can also benefit from real-time text alerts, notification regarding product delivery status. Bulk SMS messaging has become an efficient mode of communication for businesses to inform clients about the consignment delivery status, track the where abouts, send out alerts and important updates regarding the delivery status.


Online Shopping

Bulk SMS services provide e-commerce website owners with a unique opportunity. They can bridge the gap in customer service offerings with bulk SMS technology, which improves eCommerce conversion rate over time. Depending on how and where you use SMS you will in time be able to streamline your site to sell more goods and services to your customers. With bulk SMS on your side, you can expect a boost in site visits, sales and customer retention rates from the moment you begin promoting using text marketing. Customer service can be improved with bulk SMS as the customer will be able to text your brand with queries, comments or insights on your service. Customer retention and repeat purchasing is improved with bulk SMS as shoppers are encouraged to buy more, and more often with special discount and promotions.


Learning Institutions

It is now easy to send school reports cards and fee balances to parents via our bulk SMS services for schooL. Our bulk SMS for Schools is a special edition of Celcom Africa that not only helps schools do bulk SMS messaging but also lets them send report cards and fee balance notifications to parents via bulk SMS. Besides, it packs all the features that users love about Celcom bulk SMS: SMS branding, long SMS, importation of contacts from Excel files, multiple account users, elegance and simplicity etc. And it's all FREE.


Politicians And Government Institutions

As there is a rise in the number of smartphone users, many politicians are connecting with their audience through mobile. You can start sending SMS to your audience before the main campaign. Politicians can use Bulk SMS services to their advantage to send updates, reminders, alerts like candidate information, election dates, voting awareness to the public, etc. How Bulk SMS is more suitable for election campaigns: delivers important updates, direct contact with voters, multi-channel campaigns

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