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Celcom Africa is the leading mobile messaging company, specializing in bulkSMS services to schools, churches, NGOs, SACCOs, SMEs, corporates and other organisations.

Best Bulk SMS Solution in Kenya

  • Send bulk SMS Cheaply from 0.4 per SMS
  • One SMS at a time or thousands
  • Dynamic SMS and personalized messages
  • Completely online messaging platform
  • Upload contacts from Excel
  • Upload a message from Excel with different fields
  • Group your contacts into customers, employees etc
  • Brand your unique company name

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Promotional Bulk SMS Services

Promotional Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solutions that are available in the market. You can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click by sending bulk sms ,You can also send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away. Celcom Africa Bulk SMS offers you Promotional Bulk SMS that can be used for Brand Promotion, Offers, product marketing, and general awareness..

Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional bulk SMS services are ideal for sending alerts/reminders/updates to your existing clients. It is easy to send bulk SMS throughout the globe with user-friendly web interface. Any kind of information sharing sms comes under transactional sms.Government has declared certain categorizes to send Transactional bulk sms.

Short Code Solutions

Short Codes Services are short cellular telephone numbers. Short numbers/Short Codes are easier to read and remember. We are one of the leading Short Code Service Providers in Kenya. Wish to increase leads for your services and products by getting the sender’s mobile numbers? Select a keyword appropriate for your company and prospective customers and send enquiries by send message PRODUCT to eg 22334 or 21021.

Introducing our Bulk SMS API...

Celcom's Bulk SMS Gateway Makes Bulk Text Sending A Breeze
Build SMS into your apps, websites and software in minutes, no matter what programming language you use.


Many businesses and organisations in Kenya have opted to use our simple and easy SMS API to seamlessly integrate sending and recieving text message in their existing business systems and applications.

Our Bulk SMS gateway offers a range APIs to allow developers to developer applications and software that interacts with our bulk SMS gateway.

Cheapest SMS gateway

If you are looking for high priority Bulk SMS service at up to 8,000 messages a second, then you can rely on our SMS Gateway in Kenya. What’s more, our Bulk SMS Gateway is the cheapest in Kenya. We offer Bulk SMS Reseller Program with free API across Kenya at a very low cost. You can Send SMS from our Bulk SMS Web portal, bulk SMS Gateway, Excel Bulk SMS modules. Try sending a message using our API today.

Bulks SMS API For Developers

Our Bulk SMS API is intuitive and so simple for developers to interact with it. Developers can itegrate Celcom's Bulk SMS features into any application or software to send and receive messages using programming language of thier choice. With ready to use scripts to get developers started. Use our SMS API scripts for Java, Ruby, PHP, Python and Perl.

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Bulk SMS Features

SMS Branding

SMS messages are sent using your organisation's name instead of a number. This not only ensures content authenticity but also enhances brand promotion.

Message Personalization

Address your customers by name, inserting any information you have about them into a personalized text message.

Access Everywhere

Since BulkSMS is offered as an online service, just like Facebook or Yahoo Mail, you can easily access it from anywhere in the world so long as you're connected to the Internet

No Downloads

You will never have to worry about data loss when your computer crashes or gets lost. All you have to do is to create your account using a valid email address and you're set to go.

Long Messages

Get the most of sms messages; send long sms messages upto 850 characters.

Kenya Bulk SMS Features

Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

One Solution. Diverse Applications.

From Gaming and Healthcare, to Automotive and Finance Celcom Afirca Bulk SMS sending service brings an unmatched and break-through business value, proving the successful application of our solution in any industry.
Our bulk SMS is a comprehensive solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business delivering a complete messaging solution helping you outshine industry competition

Financial Services

Health Care



Real Estate




Gaming & Betting

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