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Cheap Bulk SMS in Kenya

Send thousands of SMS messages instantly with our Cheap Bulk SMS in Kenya. Use our Bulk SMS Gateway to send text SMS in large volumes whether transactional or Promotional bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS Service is a premium business SMS service offered by Celcom Africa to allow businesses in Kenya communicate in an efficient and cost effective manner whether for sending alerts, notifications, marketing campaigns or promotions and much more. As the leading bulk SMS Kenya provider our business SMS messaging solution is the most affordable and practical ways to reach a wider clientele in Kenya.

Text messaging is quite intuitive and widely accepted by Kenyans as an alternative means of communication. Interestingly SMS text messages are more likely to get read than email messages because on average an individual is inclined to check their phone at least 47 times on a given day. It's not doubt bulk SMS in Kenya has an open rates of at least 98% and 99% deliverability rate. For any typical business, it is significant to note that Kenya bulk SMS marketing campaigns bear impressive ROI.

Are you looking for alternative marketing strategy to connect your business values to the right customer base? If your business is yet to employ Bulk SMS marketing arsenal, then you might be missing out on the excellent opportunity to attract more customers through the power of business SMS services.

Boost your business with our easy to use Bulk SMS Gateway

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Bulk SMS Provider Kenya

Many a business's ask, who is the best bulk SMS Provider in Kenya? If you are among the numerous individual businesses interested in finding out why Celcom Africa is the best bulk SMS service provider in Kenya, the reasons why Celcom Africa is a top leading business bulk SMS service provider for Kenya businesses include.

Top 8 Benefits of bulk SMS

SMS Branding

Bulk SMS messages are sent using your organisation's name instead of a number. This not only ensures content authenticity but also enhances brand promotion.

Access Everywhere

Since BulkSMS is offered as an online service, just like Facebook or Yahoo Mail, you can easily access it from anywhere in the world so long as you're connected to the Internet

Long Messages

Get the most of bulk sms messages; send long sms messages upto 850 characters.

Add Contacts from Excel

Supports addition of contacts from an Excel file. And it's super easy.

Bulk SMS Scheduling

You can schedule your bulk SMS messages to be sent at a future date and time. This feature can be used to set up a reminders for appointment, meeting or event.

Messaging with Personalised Text

Address your customers by name, inserting any information you have about them into a personalized text message.

Multiple Account Users

You can add bulk SMS account users or agents to help you administer your bulk SMS account.

Delivery Reports

Get accurate and detailed Bulk SMS reports on the delivery status of all bulk SMS messages sent.


How to Send Bulk SMS

With Celcom Africa sending messages is as easy as ABC 😊

Step 1

Login to your account confirm you have enough SMS/credits if not purchase using our paybill which will automatically credit your account.

Step 2

If you have not uploaded contacts import your address book into your SMS account. Create groups to categorize your contacts accordingly and then upload your existing contact list in excel"save as excel 97-2003 template".

Step 3

Select your desired SMS message recipients. If the message is intended for a specific group, just select the group name. You can also paste a list of the numbers you want to send to.

Step 4

Type in your SMS message and be sure to keep checking to avoid exceeding your preferred SMS limit. Personalize SMS for recipients by inserting custom information fields easily, from your contact list. You can also include link to measure your Return on Investment.

Step 5

Send or schedule the text message. You can check the status of your sent messages in the Reports column.

Buy Bulk SMS in Kenya

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Boost your business with our easy to use Bulk SMS Gateway

Incredibly low price from 0.4 per SMS.

50 free Bulk SMS for testing bulk SMS service.