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Become an SMS reseller

SMS reseller refers to a method of buying SMS credits from a provider in bulk and selling it to the customers. It’s a middleman business method that could let you earn extra income. With a high profit margin and low business risk. The advantages of become an SMS reseller Low start-up cost and easy to […]

How To Crush Year 2020 with Celcom Africa

From The Desk of Marketing, DME @celcomafricabulkSMS  Do you want to know the secret to making 2020 the best year yet? This is a simple mindset shift, and it can change everything (as it did for me when I learned it…) Check this out – The #1 thing that became abundantly clear to me this year is the power […]


USSD codes is one technology that is used widely in Kenya. We use it for a host of things that range from buying airtime to subscribing for data plans and even for mobile money transactions. It is a very powerful tool that we use everyday as Kenyans and as such, network operators have a lot […]

BULK SMS Messaging Solving HR Communications

Better On boarding of New Employees. How your employee experiences joining your company has a lasting impression. When you implement SMS messaging for human resources to communicate with an employee. In addition, they are able to ask questions from the HR department anytime. A new employee that has questions answered easily through texting is going […]

SMS Marketing | How to Build Effective Contact Database

Modern-day world is changing so fast that all the time and there is need to act quickly, in order to continue to be listened to and fight for the attention of your clientele. If you are trying to endorse your product and grow your business with SMS marketing, you have no other choice but only […]

How to Promote Your Business through Bulk SMS service?

There are various ways you can advance your Business by bulk SMS service for marketing. The day’s end everything comes down to composing stuff that pulls individuals in, basic as that. Influence Personal Information Using and assembling individual data can go far. Example – if you can assemble your SMS list into sub-records. Considering birthday events, commemorations or anything of […]

Get Profits this Christmas This Festive Season by using Bulk SMS

Proper Bulk SMS campaign can increase sale up to 200% in just a couple of days during the Christmas season. Many popular Brands use bulk SMS for marketing their products or services during this season.

Ways to Combine Social Media with SMS Marketing

From brand profiles to personal influencer pages, incorporate SMS marketing into your social media strategy to build stronger, faster connections with your audience.

The most effective and creative uses of text marketing

Instant delivery, fast open rates, high engagement, and speedy responses—text marketing is truly a playground for innovative messaging. Crafting the perfect campaign is easy, have a look at the 4 text marketing campaigns. 1. Amazon Treasure Truck Texts Billions of people love Amazon for giving us the ability to search, click, and order without getting […]

How is bulk SMS service good for an e-commerce business?

1) Fast Whether a Promotional SMS Or Transactional SMS messages can be sent quickly and are read immediately, 90% of the SMS are read within 3 seconds of delivery. They are probably the fastest means to send information to maximum people. 2) High Conversion Rate SMS are read quickly there are high chances of getting them converted to sales. […]