How to Manage Traffic with Bulk SMS Service

B2B SMS Marketing

B2B SMS Marketing

The mobile phone has become a standard vital personal accessory. While the internet age and smartphones and tablets have introduced a new era of mobile phone use; There are still certain marketing benefits of older technology such as bulk SMS service.

A number of companies and companies reach local customers with services such as mass mailing and bulk texting.

In Kenya in particular, even some government offices use such mass publicity and information systems to reach the city in general on various public factors.

Public transport and the traffic system are one of the most important areas where Bulk SMS service could become an important public utility!

Below are some of the benefits of Bulk SMS service in the transport sector.

(a) Diversions, One Ways and Re-Directions in Traffic

The traffic system is most complicated in Kenya with one-ways, diversions, and a few lanes that can be placed in a matter of hours for a variety of reasons. This may mean that public road works or even associated works such as electricity or water pipes require a diversion of traffic.

In such situations, the public can be informed en masse with Bulk SMS. In Kenya, city planning and municipal services usually use such massive information systems to make the public aware of traffic and road conditions!

(b) Emergency situations and special requirements

Varying from a minister or national guest’s visit to different ceremonies or occasions; detect major traffic disruptions that the public should be aware of!

Apart from these special requirements, even emergencies such as an accident on the main road can cause problems for traffic throughout the city. In such situations, police and traffic authorities often use bulk SMS.

Millions of people can be immediately notified of an expected traffic disruption or accident by sending them directly via their phone.

(c) Effective public reach

Bulk messaging is the best way to reach people with smartphones and old-school phones without the internet.

Although a large percentage of mobile phone users nowadays use smart devices with the latest bandwidth for internet connectivity, bulk text messages are text messages that can effectively reach all phone numbers in a circle!

However, it is important for the government to find a reliable bulk SMS service provider with the right database of people’s personal contact numbers.