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How to Start a Bulk SMS Reseller Business at Celcom Africa Bulk SMS?

1. Register with Celcom Africa Bulk SMS Since you will be buying and selling custom SMS units, you will need to register with Celcom Africa Bulk SMS from whom you will buy your SMS units. We will provide you with your own bulk SMS reselling platform, which will serve as the portal through which your […]

SMS Reseller Solutions|Bulk SMS in Kenya|Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

WHO IS A BULK SMS RESELLER? A Bulk SMS reseller is an individual who possesses a Bulk SMS software and brands its services accessible to persons and companies that want to exploit the services for bulk messaging. The Bulk SMS reseller offers a service at a predetermined cost to an end user and in the […]

SMS Messaging to Increase Web Traffic

With over half of the world’s population having access to the internet due to more affordable smartphones and mobile data plans. The big question here is: “Are your prospective clients and customers visiting your site?”. Website traffic is important for a business because the number of visitors are the number of opportunities you have on […]

Business SMS: SMS Marketing for B2B

It’s been around for many years but SMS marketing is more popular now than ever before.

Enterprise SMS messaging

Enterprise SMS lets you send high volumes of text messages to your customers or employees. You can let people know about a special offer, confirm a doctor’s appointment or manage a change in shift patterns. You can send any number of messages, whether it’s one or one million. We do more than deliver text messages. We […]

Celcom Africa: Best bulk SMS services provider

Bulk SMS services in Kenya has become an irresistible tool for communication. SMS gives you the opportunity to spend less on every text message. Also, enables you to customize your Company Name(Sender ID). SMS marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies. It provides you with the most efficient medium to communicate with […]

What are the Benefits of bulk SMS communication?

Texting has turn into a popular business bulk SMS communication channel — 80 percent of experts use SMS for business purposes. Organizations can use SMS to send important content and offers to leads and customers who have bought/subscribe in to their list. SMS, clear decision for advertisers or marketers to guarantee. The correct message (Effective B2B SMS marketing) of the brand is […]


If you are planning for an online business, bulk sms reseller business is one of them. If you are you interested in starting a bulk SMS business in Kenya. Then its good to read on some points here which will guide you. You can resell bulk SMS  from home and earn consistent income. In Kenya […]

Start a Bulk SMS Reseller Business

1. First thing as a bulk SMS reseller you need to register with a bulk SMS wholesaler Since you will be buying and selling custom SMS units, that is being bulk SMS reseller, you will need to register with a custom SMS wholesaler from whom you will buy your SMS units. Most wholesalers will provide […]

Why SMS Marketing is Great

With so many different channels available to contact your customers on bulk SMS marketing is the greatest option of marketing . The choice and unsure if certain channels are suitable for you and your audience. You might not have run an SMS marketing campaign yourself, but you are likely to have received some an SMS. […]

SMS Marketing Is Here To Stay

Many marketers are not making use of SMS marketing and bulk text messaging campaigns.With alternative messaging services like Facebook Messenger, many view SMS as a passing trend. Here are 5 good reasons why SMS is still relevant even as technology evolves: 1. Mobile Friendly Even though there is a rise in smartphone users, many still […]

How Bulk SMS campaign can scale your sales to new heights.

Know targeted audience via Bulk SMS campaign Send text messages to know about your customer’s need, interest so you can develop such strategies that can be beneficial for both your business and audience too. How to achieve it: Send your existing service list in Bulk SMS campaign to your current customers and let them send you the […]