How does Bulk SMS Messaging Work?

Bulk SMS Messaging

Bulk SMS messaging

Bulk SMS messaging is one of the fastest tools of interacting with your target audience in a reasonable and effective manner. With the best open rates and speedy delivery, SMS Service has surpassed the standard conventional tools and emerged as the most preferred mode of communication channel for every industry and organization.

There are two forms of Bulk SMS routes:

Promotional Bulk SMS

The promotional route is aimed at advertising and marketing of brands and businesses. Businesses can use this route for sending offers, discounts, coupons, free gifts pass, seasonal discounts and festive sales.

Non-DND numbers receive messages from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Transactional Bulk SMS

The transactional route is for sending informative messages associated with products, and services like purchase confirmations, login OTP, booking updates, payment alerts, delivery notifications, etc.

The route is used to send crucial notifications to DND and Non-DND numbers 24/7.

How Bulk SMS Works?

  1. Sign up with a Bulk SMS Service Provider.
  2. Once the company creates your Bulk SMS account, you can test the services by using the free SMS or credit they provide.
  3. Keep your customer list ready for sending SMS.
  4. Segment your customer group based on parameters such as age, location, purchase history, and shopping preferences.
  5. Select the route for sending SMS.
  6. Select the Sender ID.
  7. Upload the customer mobile numbers on which you want to send SMS.
  8. Type the text.
  9. Click Send to send the message to the selected recipients.
  10. Check your delivery reports after some time to view the sent SMS status.

Why Bulk SMS?

  1. It will help in instant connection and speedy communication with the target clientele.
  2. SMS is the lowest-costing advertising channel that has the capacity to generate the highest returns on investment.
  3. It is suitable for every company in spite of the size and nature of the firm as an SMS messaging campaign can be started with a small amount of money.
  4. You do not need internet availability to view a text message.Hence, it will provide a wider reach than other tools.
  5. You can send millions of text messages to clients at once. Bulk SMS Marketing allows a firm to promote its brand to a large number of people simultaneously.
  6. Lastly, almost every SMS is read within 3 minutes after delivery. A large number of companies are increasingly deploying it due to its highest readability rates, immediate reach, and best response rates.

Benefits of SMS campaign:

  • Sender ID indicates the name of your company rather than the sender number.
  • Personification and personalization of bulk SMS messaging. Addressing the addressee by name, personal discounts for their birthday, etc.
  • Plan time and date to automatically send text SMS, control of messages, and addressees’ quantity.
  • High sending speed as compared with other services.
  • Economical compared with other sorts of advertisement.
  • Direct information delivery to the client.
  • Your phone keeps SMS messages longer than other advertisements, and it sends them back after a certain period.
  • Flexible contact management gives you time to regulate blacklist, eliminate repeated numbers, and make a selective campaign.
    Mass SMS campaign is fitted for:
  • Notifying about realized arrangements, actions, discounts, special offers, and sales.
  • Advertisement notification about the update of products or services assortment.
  • Congratulate clients with Birthdays and other holidays.
  • Simultaneous notifying of the massive quantity of contacts, putting in place parties, seminars, etc.
  • Lastly, use SMS notifications in complex with email campaigns via the net, and social networks, for site support. This is how your advertisement with become significantly more practical.