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Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS services provider in Kenya has become an irresistible tool for communication. SMS gives you the opportunity to spend less on every text message. Also, enables you to customize your Company Name(Sender ID).

SMS marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies. It provides you with the most efficient medium to communicate with customers. Whether you are sending a transactional SMS or a promotional SMS, you will easily deliver your message to your customers.

How running a bulk SMS campaign can help your company?

In the world today, our mobile phones have become one of the most essential things in our lives. Thus, it has been observed from various studies that 97 % of people check their mobile phones. Instantly as soon as any message comes. So, it is not hard to figure out that the rate of reading text messages is much higher.

Of course, you can send Emails or call your customers individually but the efficiency of such campaigns is much lower while the cost of starting such a campaign exceeds that of running the campaign greatly. Most of the Emails you send to your customers can go unread and there is also the probability that your e-mails may end up in the spam box of your target customers. Moreover, people have the tendency to hang up on promotional calls quickly rather than hearing the full message. But that will never be the case with SMS.

If you send an appealing message to the customers through SMS, they will most likely read it completely without closing it. Thus, running a campaign will obviously provide your company with a golden opportunity to connect with your customers. Inform customers about your business strategies, offers, and discounts in the most efficient way.

You will not have to write each message as you will have the ability to send messages in bulk amounts. And you will get the delivery report immediately as soon as the message is delivered to the recipients. Hence, you will never have any trouble tracking the performance of your campaign.

As we said earlier, the rates of sending promotional SMS in bulk amounts are much low too. You can send SMS to the mobile phones of your customers without spending much. As a result, you will be able to get your messages delivered seamlessly without any hassle.

The most important thing that you need to remember while formulating marketing strategies is the importance of communication with the customers. Reach out to customers and transpire your thoughts as well as ideas about the products that you offer.  With a proper bulk SMS campaign, you will be able to get in touch with your customers. You must make them feel important and precious to your company so as to reach the highest level of success. Only by doing so, you can get their attention and get the results in terms of increased sales.

Technology is evolving rapidly and it is thus time to implement the latest technologies to establish proper communication with customers. Utilizing a proper SMS API Gateway increases your chances of achieving the utmost success in business without any hassle.

So, get your  Bulk SMS services or SMS API package today from Celcom Africa bulk SMS and make the sky the limit for your success.

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