Branded Bulk SMS Sending in Kenya

What is a bulk SMS?

A bulk SMS gateway is the means through which a computer can send or receive bulk SMS messages. Often allowing for the conversion and sending of other forms of media or message, SMS gateways will generally utilize the same mobile phone networks as the messages sent from mobile phones.

Branded SMS

Ready to enhance your bulk SMS marketing strategy? Join the #1 Bulk SMS Messaging Platform! Our bulk SMS branding will help you send bulk text messages with the name of your organisation as opposed to a phone number. For example, if your organisation is called, Advark Systems Ltd, you can use Celcom Africa to send all your text messages with the name ADVARK_LTD instead of 070011000.

Why you should consider bulk SMS branding.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider bulk SMS branding:

  1. Promotes authenticity - your text messages look genuine.
  2. Helps you message and company look professional
  3. Marketing and brand promotion-clients are more likly to trust information form a brand name than a phone number

How do I get started with bulk SMS in Kenya?

Well, it's pretty simple:

  1. Start by giving us the name that you would like to use to brand your bulk SMS messages with. The name should have a maximum of 11 characters and should not contain spaces but characters e.g. CELCOM AFRICA LTD
  2. Wait for 1-2 work days for your bulk SMS brand name to be registered.

Our customer support will contact you once your account's bulk SMS branding has been activated. Contact our sales team - for more information or call +254 701 372 468