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Become an SMS reseller

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SMS reseller refers to a method of buying SMS credits from a provider in bulk and selling it to the customers. It’s a middleman business method that could let you earn extra income. With a high profit margin and low business risk.

The advantages of become an SMS reseller

  • Low start-up cost and easy to set up. There’s no registration cost and our SMS reseller package starts at a very low price.
  • Buy at low price and earn extra income. You may sell your SMS credits to your clients, offer a SMS sending service to your clients or use it internally.
  • No expiry date on SMS credits. The SMS credits have an unlimited time period. It has an unlimited use period.
  • Broad target market. SMS marketing is a fast and convenient marketing tools that are suitable to use for all business sectors. You might have a huge target market to promote with your SMS credit.
  • No technical knowledge required. Our user-friendly platform would allow you to learn it in 5 minutes. There are only 3 steps to blast our message. First, upload your contact. Second, create your message template. Finally“send message”. These easy steps for sure wouldn’t make a burden for you.

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