Most Fascinating Facts About SMS

We have spent a lot of time talking about bulk SMS marketing services and also the importance of SMS as a beneficial marketing tool, apart from being an awesome communicating channel.

Since all people certainly love sharing their SMS messages, to transfer promotional knowledge from lovely clients to the brands has become extremely easy and profitable.

We’ve collected some fascinating facts about SMS that you simply just simply might probably not have heard before. If there’s something unknown beyond massive SMS to you, here are the answers.

  1. The actual first SMS sent simply said “Merry Christmas”. It was sent by British engineer, Neil Papworth on 3rd December 1992 from a computer to mobile.
  2. Twitter was inspired by SMS and also the 140-character limit is in place to keep Twitter simple and accessible to all or any users, just like the SMS message.
  3. German engineer, Friedhelm Hillebrand sat at his typewriter writing random sentences in 1985 to determine the length needed for an SMS and found out that many sentences or questions, 160 characters were “perfectly sufficient”, this limit remains for one text message.
  4. The original Nokia phone beep for an incoming SMS message “special” which was heard all over the place back in the ’90s was, in fact, Morse code for “SMS message”.
  5. A life-saving procedure was carried out fruitfully in 2008 by British surgeon David Nott in Congo following step-by-step instructions received by text message on how to perform the surgery from a coworker.
  6. SMS service is enjoyed by 74% of mobile users everywhere in the world. Globally, it’s become the most broadly used service.
  7. In 2010 a total number of 6.1 trillion SMSs, i.e. 192,000 SMS per second were sent. Yearly, about 114.6 billion dollars is brought by SMS to the mobile industry.
  8. The researchers revealed that typing texts while driving is twice more dangerous as driving while drunk. Thus, the train accident in Chatsworth in 2008, killed 25 passengers. During the investigation, it had been revealed that the driving force sent 45 SMS before the crash.
  9. Text massagers have created a replacement language to scale back the number of characters to squeeze into one SMS.
  10. Psychologists have discovered that virtual communication via SMS messages or emails prompts one to lie.
  11. In Malaysia, Muslims are allowed to divorce/separate their wives by sending a corresponding message three times.
  12. Pedro Matias from Portugal, who succeeded to print a 264-character SMS by LG enV3 in 1 minute and 59 seconds, hit the Guinness Book of Records.
  13. We all know that thanks to text messages, attackers can cheat honest people. In criminology, the area of such crime is called “SMS fishing.”
  14. There’s an anti-smartphone called John’s Phone which may only make and receive calls. John’s Phone is made in the Netherlands and can’t send or receive text messages or browse the net. The address book is solely a pad of paper and pen attached to the rear of the phone!

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