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bulk sms web messager

Bulk SMS - Web Messenger

Celcom Africa web messenger is a simple and effective tool for sending bulk SMS messages and managing contacts and recipient groups. Designed for quick upload of text SMS and recipient details, it is especially suitable for larger volume bulk messaging, but sending single SMS is also possible.

Features of the Web Messenger

  1. Bulk SMS and streaming messaging supported
  2. Different file formats for upload supported (.txt, .csv, .xls)
  3. Total control of uploaded data
  4. Delivery log overview
  5. Immediate and scheduled message sending supported
  6. Dynamic sender ID

Benefits of Web Messenger

  1. Simple and fast message sending
  2. Easy delivery log export in .xls format
  3. Simple-to-use interface
  4. Flexible data upload
  5. Supports fast single message sending
  6. Fast processing of messages
Benefits of Bulk SMS Web Messenger

Personalised SMS Message

Personalize your SMS message campaign by sending personalized bulk SMS e.g. using the client name or account number, creating contact groups "based on demographics" and by the use of a branded SMS sender ID.
  • Example of an Insurance Company Database.
  • GSM NO. Name Amount Due Due Date Veh. Reg
    254722617785 Judy 42,800 12th july 2009 KAJ 342N
    256773202601 Lawrence 45,999 12th July 2009 KAM 342L

    Send a personalized message to each of the recipients above as follows.
    Message 1. Dear Judy, please pay KSH. 42,800 by 12th July 2009 for your yehicle Reg.KAJ 342N
    Message 2. Dear Lawrence, please pay KSH. 45,999 by 12th July2009 for Vehicle Reg.KAM 342L

    Branded Sender IDs

    A Sender ID is a unique name or standard mobile number that shows in the “from” field of your text messages on your phone. So, instead of the message coming from a system generated long number, you can choose your company name, campaign name or even a standard mobile number. By using a Sender ID, your customers will immediately recognise who the SMS text message is from. Recipients can’t reply to text messages sent using a Sender ID making it ideal for sending SMS messages that don’t need a response. But remember, you will need to include clear instructions in the message on how recipients can opt-out. By doing this, you’ll be sticking to the industry codes of best practice with every message sent out. If you’re ready to get your SMS message branded today, Sign up with us today! Apply for your free Sender ID here. Branded Sender ID promotes your brand by ensuring that customers receive your message as it coming from your company or brand name. This creates instant recognition and trust making your marketing more effective.

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