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If you are planning for an online business, bulk sms reseller business is one of them. If you are you interested in starting a bulk SMS business in Kenya. Then its good to read on some points here which will guide you. You can resell bulk SMS  from home and earn consistent income.

In Kenya there‚Äôs a demand for branded bulk SMS and its increasing day by day. The reason being you can send one branded SMS to so many people. It will end up being customized and personalized to individual people. The prices for branded bulk SMS is low compared to those sent on a singular bases. The reason, you can reach as many people in a second with our branded bulk sms with just a single click button as compared to the SMS rates charged by telecom service providers like Safaricom and Airtel.

Lot of companies now use branded bulk SMS for appointments, sending alerts and notifications to employees and customers festive seasons greetings and to spread other messages. Churches reaching out to congregation,  schools sending our report forms though bulk SMS, Banks and Sacco transactions are updated through bulk SMS. Religious organizations, such as churches, now use bulk SMS reseller business to deliver special messages and announce important events to their members. And aspirants for political offices now use bulk SMS during their pre-election campaigns to highlight their manifestos to voters. The fact that the demand for branded bulk SMS will remain on the high side for a long time.

If you have been looking to start a very profitable business that requires little capital. Then you should consider venturing into bulk SMS reselling. This post explains the steps involved in starting a bulk SMS reselling business.


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