How can you use bulk SMS platform in E-commerce?

Order status SMS

The most shares SMS from eCommerce stores are reporting on order handling, delivery, and distribution. These types of SMS are the most foreseen by the clienteles.

In detail, a buyer being incapable to buy belongings himself through the cash desk begins to worry about, has filled out the form correctly, whether the submission is accepted, whether the processes for registration and goods delivery started.

Very often customers call with a request to check the status of their order. With SMS notification that the order is accepted, you disembarrass the buyers of such worries and get valuable time for yourself.

Status SMS on the good’s shipping

As a rule, there is a courier delivery service to ship the goods purchased online, especially when it comes to expensive things or just fragile ones. Online stores work with third-party shipping services, some of them have their own couriers.

SMS notification on the shipping time, SMS alerts with the shipping reminder, or that the courier is close to the buyer’s location help eliminate the risk that the client forgot about delivery time and at the right time is out of the shipping address.

Bulk text messages about new arrivals

Quite often, the customer is ready to wait for the selected product if it is not available at the moment. Many shops in such cases provide a service “product expectation”, where the customer can mark items interesting for him and on arrival.

At the same time, the client may want to know about other new products in some goods categories. Bulk SMS service is a perfect way to tell the customer about this.

Bulk SMS on the occasion

There is a huge number of holidays celebrated, and it is a great opportunity to send bulk SMS to your online store client’s database with some offers, for example, New Year’s sale, Black Friday special offer, Christmas new arrivals, or birthday discounts.

It will be better than any text congratulations on such holidays, and at the same time an excellent opportunity to remind the client about your shop. Remember to keep your client’s database updated, hold the detailed profiles of your customers with his date of birth, marital status – you can use it to plan your bulk SMS and offer the client a special offer beforehand, in this case, the client can share it with friends, who are preparing a gift.

Bulk SMS of the news

Such bulk texting is a way to communicate with the customer without any occasion; you just keep the client informed of all kinds of offers, sales, seasonal and other discounts – to draw customers’ attention to your product.

Therefore, bulk SMS messages with information about this will be very helpful – especially as the seasonal sales.

Bulk SMS as the tool for internal communication

Bulk text messages can be sent not only to the buyers but the online store managers and employees. These may be: new order SMS received immediately after filling out cart by the client, it will significantly reduce the time needed to process it.

SMS reminder for the courier with the place and time of delivery will also help avoid certain problems. Moreover, do not forget about mailing lists with the corporate news or holiday greetings.

Remember, excessive SMS messaging to the client will cause irritation and is likely to lower loyalty and bring bad feedbacks. Plan your SMS campaign carefully, update the customers’ database, ask if customers agree to receive your SMS, and give the client possibility to unsubscribe from your SMS.

There are a lot of other ways of application bulk SMS and if you will be creative while planning your SMS campaign you are about to attract the attention of new customers, using the only SMS channel.

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