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text sms uses

text sms uses

Unlock the Power of SMS: Explore the Wide-ranging Uses of Text SMS for Personal, Business, and Communication Needs. Get Inspired!

Instant delivery, fast open rates, high engagement, and speedy responses—text marketing is truly a playground for innovative messaging.

Crafting the perfect campaign is easy, have a look at the 4 text marketing campaigns.

Text SMS Uses

1. Amazon Treasure Truck Texts

Billions of people love Amazon for giving us the ability to search, click, and order without getting up from the couch. If people are going to leave their houses to shop something from Amazon, it has to be a pretty neat experience.

Enter, the Treasure Truck. Originating in Seattle back in 2016, the Treasure Truck quickly became a cult favorite. The truck drives through select cities offering a limited number of special daily deal items e.g cooking supplies, games, and toys. The catch? The only way to snag the deal is to subscribe to texts!

By subscribing, you receive a few deals a month texted directly to you. Each deal comes with a unique link to the secret Treasure Truck page where you can select your pickup location.

You complete your purchase on the Amazon App, and you simply drive to the drop site at your designated time slot. Return home with your “prize” that same day!

Why we love this campaign: The Treasure Truck is a great example of how an e-commerce company can use SMS to generate exciting offline experiences!

2. Disney’s Text To Wait for Campaign

In 2019, the much anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Disneyland and Disney World. The grand opening was met with thousands of eager fans flooding the new park to experience all the attractions. One of the most popular spots is a replica of Oga’s Cantina where guests can enjoy intergalactic treats.

With Disney being the name in customer service, they anticipated the high demand for this attraction. They decided to use texting as a way to manage the crowds. Give everyone a chance to experience the space!

text sms uses
Photo Credit: Twitter

Now, guests who wish to enter the Cantina can text in their name. A number of people in their party hold a virtual spot in line. They receive a text directing them to head back to the attraction!

3. Arby’s Texting Meets Philanthropy

Arby’s took their existing text marketing platform. Turned it into a resource for good by partnering with the No Kid Hungry Campaign. In this campaign, Arby used SMS to spread the word about No Kid Hungry’s nationwide promotion to end childhood hunger.

text sms uses
Photo Credit: Summer Share

They did this by encouraging people to text the keyword ‘Food’ to their short code, 877877. Auto response thanking people for texting in and prompting recipients. Enter an address, city, state, or zip code to help find a free meal near them.

With more than 2,000+ participating locations nationwide, Arby’s and their summer text campaign helped thousands of children who rely on school meals as their main source of food.

Why we love this campaign: The feel-good reason? Arby’s used its platform to raise awareness for a cause they support. The business reason? They used a helpful resource as a way to not only bring people into their text club but also to build up a strong pool of subscribers for future deals.

4. National Cancer Institute Smoking PSA

Many nonprofits have the resources to help. However, the National Cancer Institute found that texting was their universal barrier breaker in communicating with the youth.

In a large-scale effort to help teens and young adults quit smoking. The NCI set up an ongoing text-based program to help them ween off the products.

All the teens have to do to get help is text QUIT to 47848. From there, a series of follow-up questions regarding their age, smoking habits, and also zip code. Are used to get a better idea of the resources they may need.

The campaign has staggered, auto-scheduled texts from there that support youths as they start their journey to quit, complete with triggers for when they need extra encouragement or you relapse.

Why we love this campaign: The National Cancer Institute shows nonprofits how to use texting as an easy and also discreet resource for communicating with people in need.

Furthermore, initiatives like this are a great way to get people connected with your resources. Without loads of effort or steps on the receiver’s end, life-saving help can be delivered literally one text at a time.

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