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SMS Messaging to Increase Web Traffic

With over half of the world’s population having access to the internet due to more affordable smartphones and mobile data plans. The big question here is: “Are your prospective clients and customers visiting your site?”. Website traffic is important for a business because the number of visitors are the number of opportunities you have on getting new customers. So the more traffic your website gets, the more chances you have in building your brand presence. Gaining a new customer and getting that sale.
With smartphones being the world’s most preferred method of going online. You can use SMS messaging to lead people to your website. Any other online channels you have, for instance your social media pages.

SMS Messaging to Increase Web Traffic

Here are 3 ways on how sending out SMS message can be used to increase your website traffic:

1. Bring Referrals to Your Site

If a customer has purchased your product or service before. You can send out an SMS with a customized referral link attached for them to share it to their friends. Make sure to reward your customers when their friends use the referral code. It will not only drive people to your website, it is also a good chance to have new customers.

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2. Promote Relevant Blog Posts to Your Customers

When a client reaches out to your company wanting to know more information for a certain issue you cover. You can text them a confirmation and give them an update that their inquiry is being processed. Your service personnel will contact them soon. Depending on their query, you can even link your FAQs web-page. Any relevant blog post for them to get more information.

3. Run Competitions or events on your website

You can run competition or events on your website or social media pages that are attractive to your target audience. Send out an SMS to inform them on it. Of course provide them with incentives for them to join the competition. You can consider ideas like inviting them to watch a podcast. Those who answer it correctly stand a change to win a price or a discount. You can even make use of referrals strategy to get additional traffic.

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