How to Grow Your Business with Bulk SMS in Kenya?

SMS in Kenya

Using bulk SMS in Kenya to directly text customers could be a very effective way to connect with your clients and send new information and offers. The foundations that govern the industry are very tight regarding what’s considered spam and what isn’t. 

This implies that you the companies that want to utilize Short Message Service system methods for marketing and communication have to use caution, especially when handling this task.

To grow a company today means constantly engaging and interacting with potential and existing clients. Clients who not only demand good service but expect consistent communication too.

These increasing expectations pose a continuous challenge for little businesses to search for familiar and accessible ways to interact with their customers. And without the support of huge budgets and extensive resources, SMEs find it difficult to stay up with these demands.

Bulk SMS in Kenya Plays the following Roles in a business.

Product Promotion

SMS directly reaches most of the target market which helps in increasing sales and therefore promoting your product or service.

An SMS can explain everything to the client in the most effective manner. A client just opens and reads the content in the SMS in just a few seconds.

Delivery of Information

Bulk SMS in Kenya acts as the best tool for delivering business information. By sending SMS to the clients at the proper time. It is possible to tell that the SMS is delivered to the precise customer which remains as proof.

In addition, the clients will believe in you if you keep in touch with them by presenting proper information regarding the product or service in short intervals.


 As every business is now willing to possess an internet presence, it’s vital to possess a verification process for the users who want to register online. Send the verification code through SMS is the most convenient way to verify their identity.

For any business individual, SMS marketing works best in all the above scenarios. Everyone can make use of it and obtain to grasp the advantages of this technology.


 Today as there’s vast competition in every business, it’s essential for each business vendor to focus on their customers quickly to get the preferred results.

To resolve this issue, bulk SMS marketing can be used to send data about particular items on specified days. To update new stock information to clients to drive sales.

 High Return on Interest “ROI” and low cost

 SMEs promoting through newspaper ads, TV and other outdoor advertisements is very expensive.

SMS marketing services need very low-level setup costs which can be highly beneficial for small and big business vendors. By using this service, it is easy to focus more on clients, quickly and within less time.

Enhance customer relationship

With the assistance of a Bulk SMS service, you’ll easily target interested audiences. Often, you get permission from the clientele you’ll send a message to them daily to grab their attention.

Attract customers with discounts and enable them to shop for more products or services. Remind your customers about the products they need to purchase from your brand to grow product usage.


 By using Bulk SMS service, a robust relationship with the customer may be established within less time at a really low cost. As people use their mobile phones fairly often, sending SMS acts as an excellent marketing tool.

Small-medium enterprises can easily gain customer loyalty by keeping in touch with the audience. Providing specific information about the merchandise or service in brief intervals.