Benefits of Texting for Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

A mass text messaging service can improve many aspects of your business including preparing it for future growth. The business uses of SMS have been around for years now, but it is never too late to use this essential tool to boost customer service in your organization

SMS is one of the fastest and most affordable forms of communication. Since everyone has a mobile phone, texting is the easiest way to talk to customers and your own team.

Using Text Messaging to boost customer service experience

Here are some of the key benefits of text messaging in customer service

Customer Contacts

Looking for a more direct and easy way to contact customers?

Bulk SMS costs less and the less you talk to more customers faster than calling. What business cannot benefit from that? Letting customers contact you by text reduces the volume of calls to your help desk. As a result, growing your business does not mean a loss of quality.

Customers can get in touch at any time without waiting in a call queue, and customer support teams can talk to multiple customers at the same time. Don’t let a growing customer base prevent your support team from providing quality service.

Email can also perform some of these functions. However, not everyone uses email often or at all.

Reminders and Alerts

Bulk SMS can also manage customer service tasks such as appointment reminders. Missed appointments can be a major source of lost productivity, and this can be overcome by automated text alerts. Alerts for delivery or updates further cut down on unneeded calls and wasted time.

The benefits of texting enabled Bolt “Taxify” Services to contact clients and drivers more easily. Bolt wanted a way to let clients know the driver was on the way without resorting to calling. In addition, they also used SMS to update drivers about client locations.

Doing this saved time in contacting customers and removed the chances of misheard details.

Customer Feedback

We all know how important customer feedback is to long-term customer satisfaction. The question is: how do you collect that feedback? Focus groups and interviews are expensive, especially if you want a large sample. Email surveys can take a long time to complete.

Often, they are unopened for days. Consequently, email surveys are prone to low completion rates.

SMS polls and surveys have high completion rates because of their ease and convenience. 95% of customers will reply to a text within three minutes of sending it. As a result, you can get feedback while it is still fresh on your customer’s mind.