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Why SMS Marketing is Great

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With so many different channels available to contact your customers on bulk SMS marketing is the greatest option of marketing . The choice and unsure if certain channels are suitable for you and your audience.

You might not have run an SMS marketing campaign yourself, but you are likely to have received some an SMS. Whether that’s a commercial brand running a competition or a healthcare provider, or sending you an a reminder. If you have run an SMS marketing campaign before, you’re likely to already be aware of the effectiveness of the platform.

Below, are the key reasons SMS marketing is effective.

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Can be used across all markets

One of the reasons SMS marketing is effective is that it’s suitable to B2C and B2B audiences. It can be used by commercial brands, for internal communications by businesses, and it is also appropriate for third-sectors. SMS marketing is also versatile across industries, from retail to healthcare, and can be used for a range of communications.

Efficient at reaching people

More than half the people across the world own a mobile phone. Meaning your marketing is almost guaranteed to reach targeted market. This also means your communications can carry across the globe, regardless of the international markets you’re trying to reach.


Research suggests that 98% of SMS messages are opened, making it even more successful than email marketing. Most people send and receive text messages every day and have been doing so for a number of years. Opening and responding to your message should come as almost second nature. The average click-through rate for SMS messaging is 19%. Most people set message alerts.

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Time efficient

Another huge advantage of using SMS marketing is that it can be almost instantaneous to send out a campaign. You don’t have to spend time designing and amending an SMS messaging campaign. You simply need to construct the text. Which takes the same amount of time it would to type a text out on your own phone. You can use SMS messaging to inform, offer deals and discounts. Another amazing fact is that 90% of them are read within 3 minutes of texting. Making its click-through and engagement levels more effective than other channels.

Due to the time-efficient nature of creating an SMS messaging campaign, it also means the campaign is extremely cost effective.


Another way SMS marketing is effective is that it leaves no carbon footprint, and as a result is eco-friendly. Unlike direct mail, it requires no printed paper, and no travel required.

It’s direct

One of the most effective aspects of SMS messaging is that it arrives directly in the recipient’s inbox. Often will remain as an alert on the person’s phone; they don’t need to login or open an app as they would with email. With a large amount of content created each day, it’s becoming difficult to reach the people you wish to target. SMS overcomes this challenge by dropping directly into a person’s phone.

It’s measurable

Trackable campagns as one can monitor the delivery and click rate of each of your SMS messages, using analytics software. This means that you’re able to quickly review the ROI of your campaign. Using the data about the messages you’ve sent to decide whether you continue to send out the campaign. You can also stop after the first batch of text messages.

Boost your multi-channel campaign

SMS messaging is effective as part of a multi-channel campaign to bolster other marketing activity. Send an SMS message to customers the day before your sale opens offering them an exclusive discount. On the day of the sale, you can send another reminder text out about the sale. Which you can then tie into your social media activity, throughout the sale period.

If you’re looking to build your first SMS marketing campaign and want to ensure you get the maximum ROI for your efforts, contact celcom africa bulk SMS today, and we will connect you will an expert in your sector.

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