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Best Bulk SMS Companies – Top 5 Bulk SMS Service Providers in Kenya

Best Bulk SMS Companies- Bulk SMS is one among the foremost cost-effective and straightforward to use brand promotion techniques. Sending a message to thousands of individuals within seconds is simpler (if not all) of the opposite means of selling.

The process of sending SMS which is related to marketing, offers of any product/services is known as bulk SMS, you can send bulk SMS via online dashboard/software. It is a simple to easy & cost-effective method from any other marketing strategies and there are multiple helpful features in it; like, uploading contact numbers in bulk via excel file/copy-paste, scheduling your messages, making groups of numbers, checking delivery reports of your campaigns etc.

The process of sending SMS which is said to marketing, offers of any product/services is understood as bulk SMS, you’ll send bulk SMS via online dashboard/software. it’s an easy to easy & cost-effective method from the other marketing strategies and there are multiple helpful features in it; like, uploading contact numbers in bulk via excel file/copy-paste, scheduling your messages, making groups of numbers, checking delivery reports of your campaigns etc.

Types of Bulk SMS:

Transactional SMS Service
Apart from bulk SMS, transactional SMS service is the most valuable messaging tools for startups, businesses and SME’s. Using transactional SMS one can send just one occasion Password’s (OTP), order confirmations, delivery status information’s, reminders, alerts only to registered users. Analytics and reports are often fetched using API/reports sections in dashboard.

Promotional SMS:

 Using this route, a business can send marketing messages like offers, discounts, festive sales, etc. the target of those messages is for promoting a brand and increasing sales.
Bulk messaging is an efficient thanks to grow your targeted clientele loyalty and trust. the subsequent are the highest 5 Bulk SMS providers in Kenya:


As a company Celcom Africa Bulk SMS prides in affordable SMS prices with a guaranteed instant messaging delivery. Celcom features a completely online messaging platform that permits you to send each message at a time or thousands of messages at a go. Celcom Africa has developed similar systems to many other clients, the systems are of top quality and are always satisfying to their clients. Giving you full control of the system; you’ll manage your account, manage your address book and communicate any time you would like .


It involves strong API gateways, Africa’s Talking is that the attend company. Their powerful APIs enable developers to supply life to their thoughts where USSD, SMS, Voice, airtime and costs are alarmed.
Having a various of powerful communication and API products positions them on top of the remainder because it permits them to deliver an honest number of solutions for mobile activities and are strong on serving corporates.


It permits you to possess a shared communication not only in Kenya but outside and across East African regions. they need managed to make a dynamic messaging platform that you simply don’t need installation of any third-party software or hardware. Their services are accessible at very aggressive rate.


Movetech offers you a free SMS API with a choice of being a reseller. you’ll use your web account to send the majority SMS, use your phone or integrate your systems to their messaging server using the unrestricted API.
Theirs is an off-the-cuff SMS API gateway that brands your work easier and saving you money also. You’ll connect your website or other solicitations together with your API and reach your target clients more efficiently.


SMS leopard features a powerful SMS device from where you’ll send tailored SMS or schedule them to send the longer term .
Their technology is robotic in a way that you simply can create your own version, add credits to an equivalent , deactivate your account also as allocate or remove your sender ID.


Uwazii mobile is credited for clear and straight to the purpose messaging system, communicative gateway supports both online messaging through an internet portal and API gateway SMS.
The two are the foremost operative tools to send text at a coffee cost, having a cloud portal and therefore the SMS API gateway has increased their customer base.


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