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What are the Benefits of bulk SMS communication?

Texting has to turn into a popular business bulk SMS communication channel — 80% of experts use SMS for business purposes. Organizations can use SMS to send important content and offers to leads and customers who have bought/subscribe into their list. SMS, clear decision for advertisers or marketers to guarantee. The correct message (Effective B2B SMS marketing) of the brand is sent […]

Best way to use Bulk SMS for marketing

You are planning to adopt Bulk SMS service for creating your brands image among people and later leading the same for promoting your brand too? Here are few facts that will help you in a better way to start your brand building and marketing campaign with Bulk SMS service. At very first, understand what is Bulk […]

Convert leads through Bulk SMS marketing campaign

Know your crowd Bulk SMS is not about sending text messages randomly. Bulk SMS service should always be done by focusing best on which kind of people will be interested in what you are offering. Sending without knowing the interest of people will lead your marketing nowhere. You should differentiate the public according to age, sex, interest, […]

Bulk SMS Marketing

Make your global message delivery faster and more reliable, without breaking the bank. Our intelligent routing engine explores multiple route parameters in real-time to find the shortest path for every message. Our 400 direct operator connections, with zero middlemen, help you keep costs low. Bulk SMS marketing is a form of mass communication that allows business […]

Benefits of Texting for Marketing | Celcom Africa

Marketing tactics that encourage prompt purchases are another of the benefits of texting. You probably already send your customers discounts and offers via email, but how often do they use them? According to MailChimp, the average open rate for marketing emails is just 21.8%, with an average click-through rate of only 2.78%. Maybe your message […]

Bulk SMS Marketing | Tips for Better Text-Message Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is the most efficient way to market your business. There are different reasons why it is gaining prominence in eCommerce industry, There is no need to create ad copies There is no delay to implement It is very cost effective Affordable to small businesses It is easy to track the results It […]

How to Boost ROI with Effective B2B SMS Marketing?

1. Interfacing With Leads There’s a fine balance between servicing your current contracts and looking for new associations. Effective B2B SMS marketing, you don’t need your efforts to bring about sat around idly, so figuring out how to set up contact that terrains will yield a far more noteworthy ROI. With content informing, you have message open […]

Bulk SMS Gateway to increasing your ROI of business?

Did you know over 90% of the people use the mobile phone in the world? Why are you not using the Bulk SMS Gateway to increasing your ROI of business? If you like to increase your business growth at a very low cost. Then you can read this blog ‘Bulk SMS Gateway – Popular Platform for […]

How to Promote Your Business through Bulk SMS marketing?

There are various ways you can advance your Business by bulk SMS for marketing, by the day’s end everything comes down to composing stuff that pulls individuals in, basic as that. Influence Personal Information Using and assembling individual data can go far. Example – if you can assemble your SMS list into sub-records, considering birthday events, commemorations or anything of […]

What you need to know before selecting a bulk SMS Provider in Kenya

Bulk SMS marketing strategy is a technique in which business promoters take their new features, amazing offers etc. to their customer base via SMS services. With every individual owning a mobile phone these days, these short message service based marketing techniques reach the customer quickly and also help them to reply back swiftly. There are […]