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How To Crush Year 2020 with Celcom Africa

From The Desk of Marketing, DME @celcomafricabulkSMS 

Do you want to know the secret to making 2020 the best year yet?

This is a simple mindset shift, and it can change everything (as it did for me when I learned it…)

Check this out –

The #1 thing that became abundantly clear to me this year is the power of COMMITMENT.

It’s easy to set a goal, but then get sidetracked by shiny new objects.

But committing to something means that you make a decision.

You’re saying “despite any setbacks, I’m seeing this thing through to the end.”

Once you do this, everything else becomes crystal-clear. It allows you to throw away other distractions and focus.

Focus is what it takes to see success.

You see, almost all big success will not be from 1 big event.

It’s from a series of habitual daily actions, progressing toward what you want.

Along the way you’re going to doubt the decision you made because the slope of progress usually is NOT linear.

It looks a bit more like this:

If you don’t commit, you’ll never see that line of success because in the beginning, it’s taking way too long. You’re not seeing results fast enough. It seems like it’s not working. Fear and doubt arise and makes you want to quit.

But if you are truly committed, you’ll stick through the slope of doubt, keep grinding and reach the top, when everyone else abandoned hope along the way.

So my question is –

What will you commit to in 2020?

Thank you for being a part of the Celcom Africa Bulk SMS Family this year.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year!



DME @ Celcom Africa Bulk SMS

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