SMS as a business tool has transformed into a powerful asset.

sms as a business tool

sms as a business tool

Unlock the potential of SMS as a powerful business tool to reach, engage, and connect with your audience effectively.

Today on Business Daily, one of our articles featured our Director, Ruth Gachomo, discussing how SMS has transformed into a powerful business tool.Click the link below:-

Click here to view the article:-

Some of the major points to take home from the article would be:-

The benefit of using sms as a business tool includes:

  • SMS marketing saves costs because it allows you to contact all clients at a significantly lower cost compared to print Ads in the media.
  • Bulk SMS boasts extensive reach, with mobile communication users 8-9 times higher than other channels. It has advantages over the normal telephone, fax, and email.
  • SMS messages can reach the recipient within seconds, depending on the specific gateway used, delivery route, and mobile operator coverage.
  • SMS marketing saves time by sending a single message to all clients instead of crafting and sending individual messages.
  • Text messaging delivers real-time messages efficiently, unlike media ads that can often go unnoticed.
  • SMS marketing boasts a high conversion rate due to its exceptional readability and engagement.
  • Instantaneous bulk SMS facilitates quick feedback, aiding businesses in gathering input from product users and new subscribers.