SMS Messaging for HR Communications

SMS messaging

SMS messaging

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Better Onboarding of New Employees.

How your employee experiences joining your company has a lasting impression. When you implement SMS messaging for human resources to communicate with an employee.

In addition, they are able to ask questions from the HR department at any time. A new employee that has questions answered easily through texting is going to feel more settled as they begin their job.

Remind Employees of Required Training.

It is difficult for a human resources department to keep track of and ensure all employees attend mandatory training. With a simple text, you remind employees of upcoming events that are necessary for the smooth operation of your business.

This also makes sure your employees are up to date on things like product and safety information, saving you costly compliance issues.

Administer Employee Benefits

The process of open enrollment for benefits has become a logistical nightmare for human resources departments. With deadlines approaching, it’s easy to administer employee benefits when you communicate through text messaging.

SMS to Schedule Employees

When the nature of your business involves creating a schedule each week, bulk SMS is a lifesaver. With the ability to text a schedule out to your employees, your employee quickly points out if there is a conflict with the schedule.

In addition, for last-minute call-outs, text messaging gets a replacement much faster than email or manually calling your employees.

Get Payroll Done Right the First Time.

Most human resources field numerous questions regarding payroll each week. Whether HR has a question about an employee’s hours or needs to verify vacation time, text messaging makes getting payroll done easier.

Send Out a Survey to Employees

Human resources utilize an SMS API platform to survey the needs and want of the employees of a company. Even something as simple as learning what people want for lunch at an upcoming training, surveys provide a great way for HR to ask questions.

SMS plays an integral role in communication between employees and your HR department. Everyone is using text messaging, and it’s the preferred way for people to communicate. SMS messaging is the key to solid communication between HR and your employees.