Buy Bulk SMS in Kiambu

Looking to Buy bulk SMS services in Kiambu? Look no further, Celcom Africa offers cost effective bulk SMS services in Kiambu, Kiambu.
Buy bulk SMS in Kiambu starting from KSh0.4 per SMS

Buy Bulk SMS in Kiambu

Bulk SMS Kiambu is an SMS sending service that allows business entities to communicate effectively. Buy bulk SMS in Kiambu, Kenya at an affordable SMS costing plan to and start reliable communication with your clients with a few clicks via Celcom Africa’s bulks SMS sending solution. We are the most reliable bulk SMS Company in Kenya as well as Kiambu, thus when you buy bulk SMS bundle from our company, you are assured of increased quote requests, sales and overall exceed customer expectations. When you buy bulk SMS bundles from Celcom Africa you enjoy the cheapest SMS pricing anywhere in Kenya including Kiambu. As a case in point, our bulk SMS pricing model - is incredibly low from KSh0.4 per sms - caters for business of all sizes where the starter package is an SMS bundle of between 625 – 20,000 sms units and the ultimate package is an SMS bundle ranging from 400,000 – infinite SMS units.

Buy Bulk SMS in Kenya

Bulk SMS Bundles Order
500 - 4,999 bulk SMS messages Buy Now
5,000 - 19,999 bulk SMS messages Buy Now
20,000 - 49,999 bulk SMS messages Buy Now
50,000 - 399,999 bulk SMS messages Buy Now
400,000 bulk SMS messages- and aboves Buy Now

50 Free Bulk SMS Testing Credit

Kenya’s cheapest bulk SMS service provider allows any business interested in utilizing SMS communication in their operations are welcome to test our bulk SMS sending platform for free, One only needs to sign up for a test account to get 50 free bulk SMSes for testing purposes. With the 50 free bulk SMS credit you can discover for free a reliable and effective business communication channel with our enterprise SMS sending platform.

Business across Kenya & Kiambu in general who buy bulks SMS services from Celcom Africa enjoy a myriad of benefits as indicated below.

  • Ability to send SMS messages in large volumes to any number of recipients in their contact book.,
  • Utilize a single API to reach your customers worldwide,
  • Guaranteed delivery and reliability than any other bulk SMS provide in Kenya inlcuding Kiambu
  • Cheapest bulk SMS buying cost anywhere in Kenya & Kiambu
  • Easy to integrate with existing business applications,
  • Personalized marketing campaigns to include business name, customer name etc,,

Why choose Celcom Africa as your bulk SMS provider?

Don't take our word for it! Here is the proof

  • We offer bulk SMS service at a very affordable cost in all parts of the country "Kenya".
  • We offer bulk SMS training and after sales service till you are conversant with the bulk SMS software.
  • We guarantee positive results on a massive scale backed by our guarantees.
  • In case of any queries our customer care personnel is there for you anytime of the day.
  • Celcom Africa bulk SMS system is really useful for Schools, Real estates, Churches Agents, Banks, Saccos, Tour/Travel companies, hosting and other service provider.
  • We have specialists with expertise in developing brief yet highly effective and response evoking bulk SMS messages.

Buy SMS Messaging Solution

Need to get you message passed across cheaply, fast and effectively, you can buy our SMS messaging solution and use it whenever you need to send any important SMS like transactional messages, SMS alerts, marketing and promotional messages targeting masses of potential customers in Kenya & Kiambu. It’s a well-known fact that 90 percent of SMS are read within 3 seconds.

Celcom Africa covers all the major telecom services providers in Kiambu, thereby we are better placed to offer reliable and high quality Bulk SMS messaging solution in a cost effective manner. As the cheapest bulk SMS messaging solution provider in Kiambu, we offer excellent technical support around the clock over and above the 99.9% uptime guarantee to ensure you meet you communication needs.

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Our powerful SMS gateway enables sending and receiving SMS in a cost-effective 2-way communication channel with your customers & prospects.

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Who Can Buy Bulk SMS in Kiambu

Any serious business should never ignore the importance of customer satisfaction. Kiambu bulk SMS messaging solution is one way in which a business can exceed customer expectations since it allows you to keep in touch with you customers making them feel specials & appreciated. In Kiambu Kenya our SMS messaging solutions is being utilized by all verticals - companies, enterprises and organizations including and not limited to media houses, advertising, marketing agencies, and educational institutions. Many Kenyan businesses and corporations especially in Kiambu have seamlessly integrated our bulk SMS solution in their core operations, bulk SMS, from banks, restaurants, hotels, e-commerce sites to traditional retailers and tech companies. When businesses in Kiambu buy bulk SMS services, they do so to accomplish one or all of the following business communication applications:

  • Offers, discounts and sale alerts,
  • Coupon codes,
  • Product news,
  • Election vote appeals,
  • Service notifications,
  • Feedback requests,
  • Survey links,
  • App download links,
  • Internal employee updates,
  • Emergency updates,
  • Reminders,