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What are the Benefits of bulk SMS communication?

Texting has to turn into a popular business bulk SMS communication channel — 80% of experts use SMS for business purposes. Organizations can use SMS to send important content and offers to leads and customers who have bought/subscribe into their list. SMS, clear decision for advertisers or marketers to guarantee. The correct message (Effective B2B SMS marketing) of the brand is sent […]

Benefits of Texting for Customer Service

SMS is one of the fastest and most affordable forms of communication. Since everyone has a mobile phone, texting is the easiest way to talk to customers and your own team. A mass text messaging service can improve many aspects of your business including preparing it for future growth. The business uses of SMS have been around […]

How to analyze Bulk SMS and Phone call campaigns | celcomafrica.com

Bulk SMS service is a modified form of the SMS technology which enables the business houses to spread their reach over a wide domain. Ever since the mobile phone was devised, marketing and business promotion achieved new heights. Clients acquired from indistinct geographical location and the messages could be well communicated. However, there are some […]

How to send bulk SMS: step-by-step guide

Running a business is not a bed of roses. The proprietors have to come up with advanced trade ideas. Among the publicizing techniques, mobile promotional strategies are the most budget friendly and easy to use. If you are a business owner and you yearn to learn how to use the SMS API and bulk SMS services here […]

Why and how bulk SMS supports the mobile marketing strategies?

“Think big, think bigger and grow big!” This is the motto of every business entrepreneur as he works day in and day out to grow his business. There are many ways to promote business among customers in Kenya to make it popular like print media, advertisements, social media etc. but mobile marketing strategies are some […]

Text Messaging for Schools and Educational Institutions

It’s undeniable that screens have become a part of our lives. This is especially reflected across the ways that we educate. It’s logical then to harness the power and influence of mobile devices to make the jobs of teachers, students, and parents easier. Whether you’re a daycare, large university, or a local elementary school, a […]

How to get customers to sign up?

Keep in mind: getting into the database does not always mean that the client is ready to receive messages from you. This means you now have another possible way to communicate with your customer via SMS. This are ways you can get user’s consent: – ·       Collect contact detail when making orders ·       Data collection […]

How can you use bulk SMS platform in E-commerce?

Order status SMS The most shares SMS from ecommerce stores are reporting on order handling, delivery, and distribution. These types of SMS are the most foreseen by the clienteles. In details, a buyer being incapable to buy belongings himself through the cash desk begins to worry, has he filled out the form correctly, whether the […]


Do’s: Get consent – SMS is a permission-based opt-in communication channel. This means that your customers have to expressly agree to receive SMS messages from you. Call-to-action -SMS messages are short. Just 160 characters long. One of the best ways to craft an effective message is to use the “5 W’s and one H” of journalism – Who, […]